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Bangkok Spoon Menu


C1 Kai Himmaparn (Cashew nut Chicken) $21 Sliced chicken breast with cashew nut, pepper and orange with chilli onion paste.
C2 Kai Kaprao (Basil Chicken) $19 Sliced chicken breast with garlic, basil leaves, chilli and pepper.
C3 Kai Pad Khing (Ginger Chicken) $19 Sliced chicken breast with shredded ginger, mushroom and onion.
C4 Kai Yang (Grilled Chicken) $20 Chicken marinated in house black pepper sauce and garlic topped on spring mix.
C5 Panang Kai $21 Sliced chicken breast in thick hot spicy coconut milk and peanut.
C6 Kang Keaw Waan Kai(Green Curry Chicken) $21 Famous Thai green coconut curry with chicken breast, bamboo shoot and basil leaves.
C7 Kang Kuua Supparod Kai (Curry Pineapple Chicken) $21 Sliced chicken breast in Thai red curry coconut milk and fresh pineapple.
C8 Kang Garee Kai(Thai Golden Curry Chicken) $21 Thai Yellow curry with coconut milk, chicken breast, potato and grape tomato.
C9 Thai Mango Chicken $21 Sliced chicken breast with fresh mango, pepper, onion and cashew nut in chef's mango sauce.
C10 Bangkok Chicken $21 Deep-fried then sliced chicken breast on top of spring mix with Thai sour creamy dressing.
C11 Be O.K. Chicken $21 Deep-fried chicken on vegetables with your choices of 2 different topping. Tangy black pepper sauce or tamarind sauce.