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Bangkok Spoon Menu


B1. Nuer Num Mun Hoy - $12 Tender beef in oyster sauce with broccoli, mushroom, onion and house wine.
B2. Nuer Yang - $14 Marinated grilled beef in soya sauce, black pepper and garlic.
B3. Nuer Kraphoa - $12 Beef with garlic, chilli, pepper and basil leaves.
B4. Panang Nuer - $14 Sliced beef in thick hot spicy coconut milk curry and peanut.
B5. Kang Ped Nuer - $14 Tender beef in red curry, bamboo shoot and coconut milk.
B6. Nuer Pad Ped - $12 Tender beef in spicy coconut sauce, bamboo shoot, green bean, pepper and basil leaves.
B7. Nuer Pad Khing - $12 Stir-fried beef with ginger, mushroom, onion and house white wine.
B8. Nuer Tod Ma Kham(Tamarind Beef) - $14 Deep-fried beef topped with juicy tamarind sauce, ginger and onion.
B9. Nuer Kata Ronn - $14 Tender beef in black pepper sauce with young pepper seed, onion, peppers on sizzling plate.